Master Educational International, an education service provide in UAE and India since last 16 years. Established as a facility, with the concept of providing World Class Training and Education. The group is one of the few, of some 400 odd institutes, to impart education in Dubai and Sharjah, UAE. Dubai is a businesses hub of the middle east and  the last couple of year, has seen a revolution in the education sector.

Master Educational International is in its 16th year of operation and has a formidable reputation as an important international center for courses  in Management, serving the needs of the national and expatriate student community of the United Arab Emirates. Typically around 200 students graduate out from the institute every year. In keeping with the trend and potential, the management has switched to delivery of core education rather than training.

Our Mission Statement

To offer our students the opportunity to attain professional and individual qualifications through the provision of World Class Education on a personal basis.

Our Objectives

To provide specific and superior quality education in preparation for professional positions in today's fast moving world where meritocracy and qualifications are fundamental to progress.

To provide post educational opportunities to clients already engaged in business, allowing them to fulfill their career objectives by enhancing their skill base without interrupting their vocation or compromise the quality of education.

To use, where necessary, traditional practices, modern techniques and technology to the best advantage in the  delivery,  so as to enhance and enrich our clients achievement of their educational and career goals.

To remain in step with innovations and develop new methods and technology for delivery of education and component materials as  well as administrative aspects of the Institute.